How to Import 2020 Designs into Cabinet Pricing and Ordering App

You can easily import a design created in 2020 Design software into Cabinet Pricing & Ordering application to speed up quoting. Price parts, add custom modifications and charges, and create proposals for your customers.

Import 2020 Design File

Directly upload a 2020 Design and add it to the pricing module.⠀

The style selection/design import step is split into two tabs.

To import a design file, click the Import 2020 Design tab and select the exported file in txt or CSV format.

Import a 2020 design
Import a 2020 design

If the import was successful, you will be presented with a table containing the items that were found in the design file.

Since door style and item names can be slightly different than the names used in our system, you may need to manually select the door style and manually map or remove some of the items.

Add Design to a Proposal

When all items are mapped and door style is selected, you can click on the Add to Proposal button to continue to the next step with all of the items added to the proposal.

Select door styles and add to proposal
Select door styles and add to proposal


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