How to Create Multi-Style Proposals/Versions

When your customers want to order cabinets of different styles and you want to include all of them within one proposal, you can create multiple Versions (Multi-Style Proposals). A Version is like a basket or a wrapper around a specific cabinet style and includes items only from that specific style.

Every Version you create will be added to the Proposal.

Select a Manufacturer and Provide a Version Name

One proposal can have many versions. For example, your customer may want five cabinets from style A and three cabinets from style B. If that is the case, you need to create two versions. To create additional versions of a proposal, simply come back to this step later. This option helps with creating multi-style orders or simply comparing styles.

Select a manufacturer and provide a version name
Select a manufacturer and provide a version name

Add a New Version

Also, when you start adding items to the cart, there is an option to add a new version. It will navigate you to the screen where you will be able to add a new version.

Add a new version
Add a new version

Versions can be edited, duplicated, or removed.

Edit, duplicate or remove versions
Edit, duplicate, or remove versions

To send the order, all your proposal versions must contain styles from the same manufacturer.

It is possible to have versions with different manufacturers in order to compare the prices. To do this, when ordering, you need to select versions of the same manufacturer.


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