How to Add and Invite Dealers

Within Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software, you have a convenient option to add your dealers that already exist in the system. You can also create and add new dealers on your own.

Invite a New Dealer

To add a new Dealer, simply click on the ‘Add Dealer’ button on the upper right-hand corner of the Dealers page.

Add a new dealer
Add a new dealer

Add an Existing Dealer

Here you can also select an existing dealer from the dropdown and click on the Submit button. There is no need to fill other form fields when selecting an existing dealer.

Select an existing dealer
Select an existing dealer

If, however, you want to add a new dealer, you need to fill in all form fields. In this case, when submitting the form, your dealer will be sent an invite link to the provided email which can be used to register in the application. Following that link will lead them to the registration page. Once your dealer registers, they will have your catalog available and enabled for creating proposals.


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