How to Add and Edit Customers

If you need to add new or edit existing customers, go to the Customers page.
If you have already added some customers, you will see a table with all customers listed.

For each customer, there are two columns showing a number of proposals and orders. Each proposal and order is clickable and leads to the Proposals/Orders page.

Add a New Customer

To add a new customer, click the blue button New Customer in the upper right-hand corner.

Add a new customer
Add a new customer

Edit an Existing Customer

When editing an existing customer or adding a new customer, fill in the standard contact fields and add a city, zip code, phone number, state, determine the type of a customer, and specify the lead source.

In addition to these standard contact fields, there is also a default discount field. Use it to give your customers a discount while creating a proposal.

Create discounts
Create discounts


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