Select type of your company

Stock Cabinets

We build cabinet boxes based on industry-standard styles and measurements. They are pre-built and usually ready for installation within a few days. KitchenDEV fully supports stock cabinet manufacturer companies.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

We manufacture prefabricated cabinets with options for extra detailing. KitchenDEV fully supports semi custom cabinet manufacturer companies with its modifications pricing capability.

Custom Cabinets

We manufacture custom cabinets that uniquely designed to fit each kitchen. KitchenDEV does not support custom cabinet companies at the moment. Please reach out to get a quote on a custom solution that fits to your business.

Which plan is right for you?


In the marketplace model your catalog becomes available to dealers but they will be able to see and work with other manufacturers catalog as well. It is a shared platform and you will not be able to get a custom web address like ( This option is more affordable one. 

Private Label

When you select private label plan you will be able to get your custom application address ( and your dealers will only be able to see your catalog. This options is more expensive but recommended to have your own branded solution.

Custom Solution

We have 8+ years experience in the kitchen industry and we are familiar with the popular systems such as 2020 Design, Netsuite, ProKitchen, Quickbooks and others. We can custom tailor you a portal for your dealers to login and configure, price and quote (CPQ) and we can also integrate with your existing workflow.

Here is how you can get started

Talk to a person

Recommended way to start gathering information and see if KitchenDEV is a fit for your business. Free trial is available but will require time to configure the system and import your data. You can simply start with a call first and then continue exploring KitchenDEV yourself.

Free Trial

Get your hands on the software for 30 days free. No credit card and no commitment. We will first to verify your business and then will help you import your catalog and setup the system at no charge!

We are not ready yet

Please provide your information and we will add you to our list and can contact you when you are ready to move forward. You will get our updates in email and will stay up to date on the software