Acumatica Integration for Manufacturers

We sync sales orders between KitchenDEV and Acumatica to streamline and simplify your sales processes and empower your business to grow faster.

KitchenDEV makes the quoting process easy between you and your dealer. When both parties agree on the scope of the job and you make sure items are in stock and the configuration is right, the order can go into production. At that point, you will have an option to export the job as a sales order to Acumatica, where you can manage the payments and all other accounting aspects.

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The KitchenDEV-Acumatica integration is perfect for cabinet manufacturing companies that want a simple way to bring their orders directly into Acumatica without having to go back and forth between the two apps.

KitchenDEV to Acumatica Integration

Integrated with Acumatica, KitchenDEV saves time and minimizes manual work by allowing you to send an order from KitchenDEV to Acumatica and create an invoice in seconds. All cabinet styles, parts, modifications and assembly/custom charges will be programmatically exported to sales order in Acumatica.

Sync Your Sales in a Minute

Acumatica integration with KitchenDEV makes things simpler and helps you locate your sales orders from KitchenDEV via a reference link from the quote after it is exported.

Acumatica Sales Order Link in KitchenDEV

The Benefits of Integrating KitchenDEV with Acumatica

Easy and fast invoicing ✔️

Improved productivity ✔️

No more errors or inefficiencies ✔️

More time for meaningful work ✔️

Easy to set up and use ✔️

Integrating KitchenDEV CPQ with Acumatica enables cabinetry manufacturing businesses of all sizes to grow faster by reducing man-hours, increasing efficiency, and improving productivity.

Are you looking forward to integrating KitchenDEV with Acumatica?

Experts at KitchenDEV are excited to help you.

How It Works

Just let us know when you’re ready to up your game, and we’ll send you instructions on how to integrate your KitchenDEV with Acumatica. We will create an integration from the Acumatica settings to be able to call their APIs

One of our specialists we’ll be with you all the way, as long as you need our help. And whenever you experience an issue, just let us know, and we’ll be quick to help out.

How to Easily Create Invoices with KitchenDEV and Acumatica

Here’s what your journey looks like.

And here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to your KitchenDEV Order page, and find the Acumatica button on the right-hand corner. Press the button and you’ll immediately send a request to Acumatica to create an invoice. If you do not see the button it means the quote is still not approved by both parties for production.
  2. Acumatica will ask for you to login. You will not need to login every time you export to Acumatica. This happens time to time when the authorization token we capture expires. 
  3. You’ll see a success or failure message after clicking the Acumatica button. If successful a link to sales order will be created and you can click on it to view the sales order in Acumatica. If failed you can see the details about the error under “History” tab


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