KitchenDEV Product Updates

Private Label Manufacturers Can Now Permanently Delete Dealers

Prior to adding this feature, when the manufacturer would delete the dealer, the dealer would still stay in our system, while the connection between the dealer and manufacturer would be removed. With this addition, both the connection and the dealer company will be removed completely from the system.

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Order Processing for Manufacturers and Retailers Improved

Satisfaction of your customers is crucial to a long-term success for your company in the kitchen industry. With improvements applied, we help ensure both your and your customers success. Automating the whole process, from ordering, sending acknowledgement to approving/rejecting order, and adding notification emails and improvements to email contents, we speed things up and make the process less error-prone.

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2020 Design Import Feature Improved

This is one of the top features of Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app and one of main competitive advantages for retailers that is now updated with new improvements for even easier 2020 Design Import.

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