How to Create Assets and Liabilities

Find Balance report under Reports > Balance. Assets and Liabilities are managed through the Accounting > Accounts page. All categories and values visible in the balance report are coming from existing accounts. There will be default assets and liabilities structure with some placeholder categories and values when you first start using the software. You should […]

How to Initiate and Process Return Merchandise Authorizations

To return order items, the order status must be Shipped/Picked up. If it’s not already, you must update the status first in order to complete this process. Select the Items You Wish to Return When the order status is set as Shipped/Picked up, you will be able to select the items you wish to return. […]

How to View All Transactions for Any of Your Dealers

To view all transactions for any dealer, please navigate to the Dealer Edit page, and click the button “Transactions”. This will display all money movements caused by actions such as Order approved/rejected, Payment created/deleted, RMA completed, as well as by any manual changes of a dealer balance.

How to Export Purchase Orders Into Excel

To export a purchase order, navigate to the Edit page of a single purchase order. Then click on the Download button as shown in the image below. This will download all ordered items in a CSV format, and include cubic feet information as well.

How to Export Dealer Payments

To export dealer payments, navigate to the edit page of a dealer whose payments you want to export. When you locate the dealer, click on the Download button within the Payments tab. This will start the download of all payments in a CSV format.

How to Manage Assembly and General Settings

General and assembly settings can be found and set on the Settings > General page. If parts are assembled by default, toggle the ‘Price includes assembly’ ON. In this case, enter 0 in ‘Assembly charge per item’ and provide a knockdown discount. If parts are not assembled by default, toggle the ‘Price includes assembly’ OFF. […]

How to Process Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)

To process your dealers’ return merchandise authorizations, go to the RMA page. Here you can filter return merchandise authorizations by dealer, number, and status. To view and edit each return merchandise authorization, click the edit icon in the table. On the RMA page, you can see the items returned, what style they are, the reason […]

How to Manage Announcements

To manage announcements and notify your retailers about any news or updates, go to the Announcements page. Here you can also see the list of all previously created announcements. To send notifications to your dealers, click the ‘New Announcement’ button on the top right-hand corner of the Announcements page. Next, provide the Title and Content […]

How to Manage Resources

You may want to have commonly used files such as PDFs, brochures, or application forms inside the application so they are conveniently available for quick access to all manufacturer users. Manage these useful files on the Resources page. Here you can see the list of all resources, view/edit/delete/download them, or create a new resource. To […]

How to Manage Users

To view all users, go to Settings > Users page. From here, you can search for users by name or email, you can edit or delete them, and you can add new users. To add a new user, click the ‘Add user’ button in the top right-hand corner of the page. While creating or editing […]