How to Add Payment Instructions for Your Dealers

You can now enter payment instructions for your dealers and choose if those instructions should be added to the acknowledgment email or payments section on the order page. This update allows you to easily communicate with your dealers about any special instructions regarding sending payments. Enter payment instructions and decide where the instructions should be […]

How to Permanently Delete Dealers

This feature is available only to Private Label Manufacturers. Since dealers that work with private label manufacturers can only work with that manufacturer and the manufacturer is the one paying for the app, it’s convenient for manufacturers to remove the dealer completely from the system if they decide so. To permanently delete a dealer, first, […]

How to Configure Login Screen Content for Branding as a Private Label Manufacturer

This is an option available only to Private Label Manufacturers that allows them to set customized content on the login screen for branding purposes. Page content can be entered by going to the Settings > General page and entering the desired text into the rich text editor. Branding and personalization are some of the key […]

How to Use Acknowledgement Contract to Enhance Ordering Experience for Your Dealers

Please enter an Acknowledgement contract under Settings > General. This contract will be displayed to your dealer during order approval. Furthermore, the acknowledgment email sent to retailers will now include a link to the order where they can see the manufacturer contract, review the order, and approve or reject the order. After your dealer approves […]

How to Use Stripe to Simplify Credit Card Payments

Integration with Stripe allows your dealers to pay directly using credit cards. As a manufacturer, you can choose whether you want to accept credit card payments from your dealers under Settings > Payments. To enable payments, check the “Accept credit card payments from dealers” option and enter your Stripe credentials (publishable key and secret key).

How to Review Dealer Account Aging Report

Cabinet manufacturers can now see and review the average age of unpaid orders per dealer. It is a receivable aging report, a record that shows the unpaid invoice balances along with the duration for which they’ve been outstanding. To review account aging reports for each of your dealers, navigate to Reports and choose the Account […]

How to Manage Dealer Locations

To create, update or remove dealer locations, navigate to the dealer edit page. There, you will see an option to add a new location by clicking on the ‘Plus’ button, select which location you want to update from the location dropdown, as well as remove any locations. You can also choose to transfer details of […]

How to Monitor Inventory Changes

All inventory changes are displayed on the page Inventory > Activity. In case you need to check a specific case, you can filter the results by part, collection, or time frame.

How to Add Contacts to Proposals – 2nd Guide

Right below the proposal details in the third step of creating a proposal, you can see a section “Contact info”. To add a new contact, simply click on the button in the right-hand corner and fill in the contact details. To view more contact details, update or remove the contact, simply expand it by clicking […]