Kitchen Cabinet Cost Estimator Guide

Kitchen cabinet cost estimator is the right tool to use when you’re looking to easily and quickly estimate the cost of a new kitchen in 2024. Whether you are just starting to work on a new kitchen design for your customer or you need to compare prices of different kitchen designs because your customer is […]

How to Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

As a cabinet manufacturer, sometimes you need to use custom modifications to add an accessory that should be taxable. This is now easily doable with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.  Here’s how to mark custom modifications as taxable. When you go to the custom modification dialog, you’ll see a checkbox “Taxable”. Check ”Add custom modification”. […]

How to Edit Orders After You’ve Sent Them to Manufacturer

Start using one of the latest solutions Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app has to offer. It is an option to edit an order after it was already sent to a manufacturer. Although this is not something that happens on an everyday basis, when it does happen, this ability of the app proves very helpful. Sometimes, […]

How to Use Assembly Reports

Cabinet Manufacturers can use KitchenDEV Assembly Report that will show them how many cabinets were assembled in a certain time period in the past. To get a precise insight into the quantity of assembled cabinets in the previous period, choose the Assembly page under Reports. Except for the number of assembled items, you’ll see the […]

How to Use Critical Changes Logs

Start tracking all critical changes such as Dealer multiplier change, Order status change, and RMA actions for greater accuracy and transparency in everything you and your team do. To get started, go to a new page available at Settings > Audit logs, where all important changes will be logged. Whenever you or any of the […]

How to manage kitchen projects from design to installation

How to manage kitchen projects from design to installation

Taking on kitchen renovation projects represents an extensive group of activities, which for many kitchen retailers means constant headaches until the remodeling is done. In order to skip all those unnecessary moments of stress, save time, and acquire more customers, we have developed a specially designed application for retailers!   Our one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinet pricing & […]

How to Delete Return Merchandise Authorizations

This is an option for cabinet manufacturers to delete RMAs and restore inventory and balance status to the previous state before the return was marked as completed. It gives them the ability to undo incorrect inventory quantities and balance. Similarly to deleting other records, under the Actions dropdown in the last table column, you will […]

How to Map Parts from Different Vendors and Cross Map Proposals to Compare Prices

Learn how to map proposals to another manufacturer for the purpose of comparing prices amongst different manufacturers and providing your customer with a cheaper option. Choose Price Compare option While you’re in the step of adding the items, click on the version actions button to open a dropdown menu with a newly added “Price compare” […]

How to Keep Track of Multiple Catalog Versions and History

Cabinet retailers who use Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App now have an efficient and easy way to keep track of all catalog changes, versions, and history. When cabinet vendors will, from time to time, import new cabinetry line additions, change prices, and add any other important updates. When they upload new files like price spec […]

How to Keep Track of Catalog Changes and Keep Your Dealers Up to Date

Learn how to keep track of all catalog changes by uploading files and providing a description for new catalog versions, describing what has changed. This is done within a new page under the Catalog section. Access the new menu item Catalog > Files & History. You can manage your catalog versions here. To log any […]