The Best Sales Automation Software for Kitchen Businesses

The absence of sales automation software in day-to-day operations introduces many challenges for businesses in the competitive landscape of the kitchen industry. Inevitably, manual processes lead to inefficiencies, communication gaps, and potential errors, hindering operational fluidity. Orders may be mismanaged, inventory mishandled, and customer satisfaction compromised. However, the adoption of sales automation transforms this landscape, […]

ERP Integration: Minimize Manual Work & Automate Order Entry

ERP integration (Enterprise Resource Planning) stands as a cornerstone in modern business strategies, exemplifying the convergence of diverse functions within an organization. At its core, ERP system integration represents the seamless combination of various business processes, encapsulated within an ERP system. This integration with ERP and strategic fusion of technology and operations is not just […]

Kitchen Remodeling Marketing: 8 Effective Ways to Get More Clients

Kitchen remodeling marketing — this is an answer to your question on how to generate leads for a kitchen remodel company, whether you’re a cabinet manufacturer or a kitchen and bath retailer. As a business owner, you need more exclusive kitchen remodeling leads and we’re here to help you acquire them. Rest assured, by kitchen […]

Kitchen Cabinet Estimating Software: Benefits of Using It in 2023

Cabinet estimating software is necessary for today’s highly competitive kitchen industry. More than ever, cabinet manufacturers need an easy, simple, and quick way to track labor, costs, and timelines to be able to stay on top of their processes and make sure to stay profitable. But cabinet makers are not the only ones in the […]

Why Do You Need an Order Entry Software?

Manually processing orders from customers is stressful, impractical, time-consuming, and can potentially result in expensive errors. Standard manual processing provides little to no insight into the sales order chain, which makes the operation inefficient. Using the right order entry software offers an effective view of data on sales orders from all of your sales channels. […]

How to Dropship Cabinets and Manage Order Process Profitably

Are you looking for a way to easily and profitably dropship kitchen cabinetry? By many estimates, dropshipping represents between 25 to 33 percent of all e-commerce in the USA. Cabinet dealers are looking for ways to participate and take advantage of this growing business trend. However, challenges can arise when dropshipping cabinets, especially when exchanging […]