Kitchen Cabinet Catalogs Marketplace

Bridge the gap between cabinet dealers and your manufacturing business by connecting with them within the unique Kitchen Cabinet Catalogs Marketplace. This is a unique space created for mutual engaging and interactive experiences that drive customers with ease and convenience.
KitchenDEV provides solutions to improve the cabinet order management experience and streamline the business process for both manufacturers and retailers.

Launch Your Success with Kitchen Cabinet Catalogs Marketplace

Every kitchen cabinet manufacturing business – small or big, has one set goal – to grow sales. You probably have a wide range of cabinets that you want to showcase to potential dealers. Having a catalog that displays all the cabinets you offer is great, having an online catalog is even better, but having your online kitchen cabinets catalog uploaded to a marketplace that already hosts hundreds of potentially interested cabinet dealers, is a dream come true.

If you wish to introduce your kitchen cabinets catalog to more dealers, improve your branding, shorten the sales cycle, get more orders, enhance user experience and connect with your current dealers on another, deeper level, add your kitchen cabinets catalog to our Marketplace.

By being a part of our community, you get free opportunities to:


Extend Dealer Reach

Hundreds of dealers registered at KitchenDEV Marketplace are looking for your kitchen cabinet offerings. By adding your catalog to the KitchenDEV Marketplace, you’ll make your catalog widely accessible, reach more dealers, and get more orders.

Enhance Branding

KitchenDEV Marketplace is a great location to promote your cabinet manufacturing business.
Use your brand colors, logo, fonts, and calls to action to stand apart from your competitors. Connect with your current dealers, make yourself known to a wider audience without being physically present, and get ready for more orders.


Reduce Sales Cycle

When present at KitchenDEV Marketplace, you no longer need to go back and forth with dealers on emails sharing information endlessly, which may or may not lead to a positive outcome. Instead, sharing your digital cabinet catalog on KitchenDEV helps move the deal from one stage to the other faster, minimizing errors and complications, thanks to the straightforward and updated information. With product details available to a large pool of dealers, you will reduce clogs within the sales cycle.

Make Timely Updates

Whether your cabinet catalog goes through subtle changes or complete overhauls, we make sure to update your product information continually and make your dealers’ journey seamless.


Get More Orders

KitchenDEV provides you with a space for your digital kitchen cabinets catalog where you can quickly and easily get your products in front of customers, and allow them to order directly through your catalog. On top of displaying your cabinet collection, you can also manage your dealers and accept orders and payments through our kitchen quotation software.

Try Kitchen Estimating Software for the Complete Success Experience

Our Kitchen Cabinets Marketplace is directly connected to the cabinet quoting software where you get access to the complete Online Order Portal, a space where your dealers can import a ready 2020 design, adjust modifications, add notes and do all the work for you. Cabinet estimating has never been easier than now, with KitchenDEV’s cabinet software.
And that’s not all. We integrate and improve your existing systems, and give you access to the mobile application for warehouse employees.