Easy pricing and ordering for ZLINE*

KitchenDEV provides dealer an easy way to price cabinets, order and communicate with manufacturers and your customers

  • Step 1: Register for free
  • Step 2: Select your manufacturer
  • Step 3: Import a kitchen design from 2020 or enter parts manually
  • Step 4: KitchenDEV adds your markup price and you can further adjust with discounts and relevant tax
  • Step 5: Communicate with manufacturer and your customer easily throughout the project for a successful delivery

ZLINE* Catalog

KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software enables dealers to be able to price and order from manufacturers.

Provide your dealers the ability to:

  • Upload a 2020 design and quickly get pricing
  • Analyze different options such as different styles within same catalog and with/without different accessories
  • Quickly order configured kitchen error free and inform your dealers on order progress and provide lead time

Are you an ZLINE* employee?

Claim your account to be able to add  your catalog and open it up to the dealers in KitchenDEV marketplace. For a limited time adding your catalog to KitchenDEV is free! 

About ZLINE*

Zline Kitchen and Bath provides excellent variety and quality of kitchen and bath appliances for your customers’ homes. All of their products are designed and shipped from the USA by this wonderful, family-owned company. Anything from ranges and hoods, to bathroom fixtures, is readily available to complete your client’s dream designs. Their high performing products will last as long as they’re needed and increase your home value while adding a significant style boost. 

If your customers are looking for a luxurious design with excellent performance, it’s worth checking out Zline 2020 catalog. Their amazingly affordable prices will definitely put a smile on your customers’ faces. Help them design a perfectly suitable kitchen or bathroom in no time by downloading the Zline product catalog for 2020. The newest Zline collection will fit perfectly into any kitchen or bathroom, both compact and spacious ones. With their unmatched features, Zline cooking appliances and bathroom fixtures will provide an optimal experience.

With KitchenDEV software you can upload your 2020 design, process online orders, and increase your productivity and sales. If you’re interested in the Zline catalog for 2020, you can easily access it from our app. And while you’re at it, test out the other features. You’ll love them. Remember, it’s free for 30 days!