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Cartier Kitchens has been manufacturing kitchen cabinets since 1987., focusing their craftsmanship on style, configuration, details, elements, and finishes. From the beginning their approach has been to do everything to accommodate their clients: scouring the glove for that unique color, incorporating a custom touch, supplying you with eco-friendly choices, and working with you on tight deadlines. They have grown to be a leader in both volume and production because of their ongoing willingness to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. 

To be able to produce the highest quality product in a timely manner and on a consistent basis they strive to have superior machinery so they make sure to stay up to date. In their effort to build a reputation with clients for quick turnaround times and responsiveness, they optimized their plant’s times by having a full-time engineer on staff who monitors and maintains equipment. Every cabinet is constructed with glue and dowel system, hinges are adjusted, a finish applied, and finally inspected fully by their quality-control team before being sent to the job site.

Browse the full range of Cartier Kitchen Catalog inventory on the KitchenDEV app, there you can also find many other manufacturers’ and retailers’ catalogs for your new bathroom or kitchen. If you want to go a step further and have a visual representation of your dream kitchen you can do so easily by registering for the KitchenDEV software 30-day FREE trial. With the many features, we offer you can effortlessly streamline your business and boost sales.