Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software Initial Version (private beta)

KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software that gives basic customer, proposal and order management from a central dedicated showroom database is now live.

Who gets it: Select Kitchen retailers from tri-state area

What is it: The initial release of the software with basic customer, proposal and order management.

  • It is possible to create proposal versions and compare cabinet styles.
  • User can also send order emails to manufacturers.

Why it matters: Our goal is to make life easier for kitchen cabinet retailers. We let them test the software and provide us with feedback.

How it works:  There are 5 steps in the process of creating and ordering a proposal:

  • Step 1. Fill in Initial Data.
  • Step 2. Create a Proposal Version.
  • Step 3. Select Cabinet Door Styles.
  • Step 4. Add Items to Cart.
  • Step 5. Review Items and Send Proposal.