How to Dropship Cabinets and Manage Order Process Profitably

Are you looking for a way to easily and profitably dropship kitchen cabinetry?

By many estimates, dropshipping represents between 25 to 33 percent of all e-commerce in the USA. Cabinet dealers are looking for ways to participate and take advantage of this growing business trend. However, challenges can arise when dropshipping cabinets, especially when exchanging orders between retailers and manufacturers in a supply chain.

KitchenDEV has all the solutions and tools you need on your journey. Learn all about the cabinet dropshipping business model, find out how to use KitchenDEV to dropship cabinets, and manage orders successfully.

What is Cabinets Dropshipping?

Cabinet dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a cabinet retailer doesn’t keep the cabinets it sells in stock or has it in the inventory. Instead, when a retail store sells a kitchen to a homeowner using the dropshipping model, it purchases the items from a cabinetry manufacturer and has them shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the retailer doesn’t have to receive the cabinets to the store or handle the cabinets directly in any way.

Cabinets Dropshipping

A traditional way of ordering and selling cabinets involves cabinets arriving first at the dealer’s showroom or warehouse and then are delivered to the homeowner. This is a more complex and more expensive way for dealers to sell cabinets.

Accessible, simple, and cost-effective, dropshipping is one of the best and most profitable ways to sell kitchen cabinets.

Here are some of the most important advantages of the cabinet dropshipping business model.

The Advantages of Cabinets Dropshipping Business Model

Dropshipping is a popular business model for kitchen cabinet retailers that are just starting, as well as for seasoned and well-established kitchen retail stores with a reputation. Whether you have one business location or a multiple-store business, dropshipping enables you to do your business effectively, with a limited downside.

Here are some of the most popular advantages of the cabinet dropshipping business model.

The Advantages of Cabinets Dropshipping Business Model

It’s easy to get started

You don’t have to deal with physical cabinets or worry about managing a warehouse, inventory, and stock level. Also, there is no need for investing in packing and shipping orders.

You don’t need to make big investments

When selling cabinets using the dropshipping business model, you don’t need up-front inventory investments. You can simply start sourcing cabinets with less risk involved as opposed to the traditional sales business model.

Wide selection of cabinets to sell

When looking to remodel a kitchen, homeowners like to have an abundance of cabinetry options to choose from. As a kitchen cabinet retailer, you would like to offer your customer just what they need. However, it’s hard, most of all expensive, to have a large product selection in stock. With the dropshipping model, you don’t have to pre-purchase cabinets and keep them in stock. Instead, you can offer an array of trending kitchen cabinets to your customers through cabinetry catalogs and order selected items directly from the manufacturer.

Overhead expenses are low

Even though your business is most likely a traditional brick-and-mortar business, as most kitchen cabinet stores are, when dropshipping products, you don’t have to deal with purchasing cabinet inventory or managing a warehouse. Naturally, this makes your overhead expenses quite lower.

These are some of the advantages of dropshipping cabinets vs. the traditional kitchen cabinet sales method. However, dropshipping cabinets with KitchenDEV takes the dropshipping method to a whole another level.

Take a look at how dropshipping kitchen cabinets with KitchenDEV looks like, what are the benefits, how it simplifies the process, advances the communication with your manufacturer, and increases revenue.

How to Dropship Kitchen Cabinets with KitchenDEV

Dropshipping kitchen cabinets with KitchenDEV is a straightforward process with multiple benefits. All of these benefits come under one major advantage — handling the kitchen cabinet sales project flow from beginning to end effortlessly and incomparably more effectively than when done the conventional way.

From design and pricing to order, communication, and tracking, our application covers the whole process and keeps everything in one place.

Kitchen Cabinets Dropshipping

If you’re in the cabinet retail business, surely you are aware of the many issues and errors experienced during a manual cabinet order when done via email or fax. With drop shipping, it can get even more complicated because there is a lot of data exchange back and forth between a retailer and a manufacturer. In a traditional sales process, a retailer buys wholesale inventory, so the purchase order comes first. When a retailer sells cabinets to homeowners, the order comes second. But with dropshipping, the process is reversed. A cabinet retailer generates orders from their customers and transfers them to the cabinet manufacturer, so the process morphs into a purchase order from the retailer to the manufacturer. For most of the brick-and-mortar retail cabinet stores, this is complicated to handle, especially because most of the point of sale and back-office CRMs they use are specialized for one or the other type of order.

In these circumstances, a system like KitchenDEV is a necessity because it offers a complete solution that covers both types of orders and, what’s more, is specialized to bring retailers and manufacturers together.

Advantages of Using KitchenDEV for Cabinet Dropshipping

KitchenDEV’s Cabinet Pricing & Ordering application is custom-made to suit the needs and requirements of both cabinet retailers and cabinet manufacturers and bring them together for easier collaboration.

Omer from Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath in Queens, NY using our application

As such, our application offers countless effective solutions for manufacturers and solutions for retailers, as well as contractors’ and builders’ solutions.

Here are some advantages of KitchenDEV that will help you quickly advance with your cabinet dropshipping business and leave your competition in the dust.

  • Ability to import 2020 designs and price them.
  • You can create proposals and have your team see and work on them together.
  • You can convert designs automatically into different styles, layouts, create versions, give price comparisons, and quickly show your customers all possible alternatives. This is especially useful when you know how complex pricing cabinets can be.
  • An enviable collection of catalogs, where we bring reputable kitchen cabinet manufacturers into our marketplace for your convenience.
  • Ability to get quick pricing without doing a 2020 kitchen design, which is useful for customers who already have a part list.
  • Ability to duplicate proposals to quickly price multi-apartment kitchen cabinet sales.
  • Multiple filters and views to give managers and designers a clear picture of the sales pipeline.
  • Tracking cabinet orders and providing customers with an accurate lead time for delivery.
  • Tracking returns.

How Does Cabinet Dropshipping Process Look Like with KitchenDEV

With KitchenDEV, your challenges become limited to exceptions that you can predict, armed with effective solutions.

This is how your cabinet dropshipping process will look like with KitchenDEV.


1. Show Catalogs

Customers place an order with your store. KitchenDEV helps you with showing different alternatives, comparing prices, and importing 2020 designs.

2. Send Order to Manufacturer

Processing orders to the cabinet supplier with KItchenDEV is simple, easy, and error-free, as it integrates with your accounting system.

3. Order Status

Our application gives you a clear picture of each order status making your job easier when your customer inquires about it.

4. Communication

KitchenDEV makes exchanging messages back and forth between a retailer and a supplier easier.

5. Order is Delivered

Cabinet manufacturers ship your order directly to your customer or your showroom and you’re able to track the process.

Start Dropshipping Cabinets with KitchenDEV

KitchenDEV ensures not only an immaculate part of the dropshipping process on your end but also a great trading partnership with your cabinet vendors, creating a successful match that wouldn’t have otherwise happened so easily and with such low expenses.

Manage dropshipping cabinets within the KitchenDEV application, from configuration and pricing to ordering and tracking. Start your free trial today.


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