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Liberty Cabinets Catalog Update: Discontinued Parts

What Is It: Liberty Cabinets released an updated version of their catalog with some of their cabinetry items discontinued. Styles ES2, WS7, A8 are discontinued. Effective Date: 02/24/2022 Who Gets It: Cabinet Retailers Key Points: We imported the updated Liberty

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CNC Cabinetry Catalog Increased Their Prices

What Is It: CNC Cabinetry released an updated version of their catalog with increased prices by 9.5 percent. Additionally, ​​styles C4, C1, CR1, CR4 have an extra 5% price increase while EB21, EBR21, EB23, and EBR23 have an extra 6%

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How to Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

As a cabinet manufacturer, sometimes you need to use custom modifications to add an accessory that should be taxable. This is now easily doable with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.  Here’s how to mark custom modifications as taxable. When you

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