Manufacturers Are Now Able to Discontinue Parts

Who Gets It: Manufacturers and Retailers What Is It: Ability to remove a part in a specific door style from the list of available parts in the estimate. How It Works: By deleting the part price in a specific style from the Catalog > Parts page and clicking “Update prices”, the part will no longer […]

J & K Cabinetry Catalog Updated with New Colors and Prices

Who gets it: Cabinet Retailers What is it: J&K released an updated cabinetry catalog effective from December 15th, 2021, implementing a retail price increase. Effective Date: 12/15/2021 Key Points: We imported the J&K updated catalog to the KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app. When you use J&K Cabinetry Catalog with KitchenDEV, you’ll see the updated […]

Manufacturers, Experience Faster Loading Speed when Working on Reports

Who Gets It: Manufacturers What is it: Sales Reports, Sales Orders, Inventory, and Assembly Reports are now loading faster, along with improved database performance. When you need to work on these reports, they will load faster from now on. How it works: There is nothing extra to do on your end. When you choose and […]

How to Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

As a cabinet manufacturer, sometimes you need to use custom modifications to add an accessory that should be taxable. This is now easily doable with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.  Here’s how to mark custom modifications as taxable. When you go to the custom modification dialog, you’ll see a checkbox “Taxable”. Check ”Add custom modification”. […]

How to Edit Orders After You’ve Sent Them to Manufacturer

Start using one of the latest solutions Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app has to offer. It is an option to edit an order after it was already sent to a manufacturer. Although this is not something that happens on an everyday basis, when it does happen, this ability of the app proves very helpful. Sometimes, […]

Manufacturers Can Now Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We added an update to the custom modification dialog which includes a checkbox “Taxable”. How it works: When the “Taxable” option is checked, custom modification’s price will be used in a tax calculation together with other taxable items. Why it matters: With this update, our manufacturer users can […]

Premium Retailer Users Can Change Orders After Sending Them to Manufacturer

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: This is a new ability for our premium retailer users to change the order after it was sent to the manufacturer. How it works: Button “Edit order” is added to the order items section: Clicking on it will initiate an order change and bring the user to the […]

LifeArt Cabinetry Catalog Added to the App

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: We have included the LifeArt Cabinetry catalog, the latest releases, and updates in our Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software. Our retailer users now have an easy way to price cabinets, order, and communicate with LifeArt Cabinetry manufacturer, as well as with their customers when they wish to use […]