You Can Now Select a Predefined Reason When Deleting Orders

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: This is a new ability to select a reason when deleting an order and display that reason when looking at trashed orders. How it works: Deleting orders will now ask for a reason. Users can pick from a couple of predefined reasons or add a custom reason text. […]

Announcements Module Improved: Added Announcement Expiration Date

Who gets it: Dealers & Manufacturers What is it: We have added an announcement expiration date so dealers will see announcements until the expiration date. Announcement content now supports rich text. A new announcements section is added to the dealer dashboard page showing all unexpired announcements. How it works: Creating or updating announcements is improved […]

Bathroom Remodeling Leads: Get Qualified Prospects with KitchenDEV

Always boosting the number of bathroom remodeling leads is essential in today’s highly competitive bathroom renovation industry. For your bathroom remodeling business to thrive, you need a consistent flow of qualified prospects. KitchenDEV is your trusted partner in this journey, offering a range of various targeted strategies to significantly boost the number of your bathroom […]

Kitchen Remodeling Leads: Get Qualified Prospects with KitchenDEV

Continually acquiring kitchen remodeling leads is crucial when you’re in the kitchen business. The world of kitchen remodeling is a competitive one, and staying ahead of the game requires more than just exceptional craftsmanship and design skills. To thrive in this industry, you need a consistent stream of new kitchen remodel leads. This is where […]

Bathroom Remodel Marketing Strategy That Will Captivate Your Customers

A bathroom remodel marketing strategy is one of the essentials for any bathroom or home remodeling business. If you’re a bathroom remodeling contractor looking to boost your business, we’re happy that you’re here. This comprehensive and easy guide will show and explain essential strategies in bathroom remodel marketing, covering topics like bathroom remodeling SEO marketing, […]

Home Remodeling Marketing: How to Stand Out and Beat Competition

A home remodeling marketing strategy is essential in the highly competitive and ever-evolving home remodeling business sphere. Marketing is pivotal in establishing your home remodeling brand and attracting potential clients. With many successful home remodeling companies competing for attention, it’s crucial to determine and employ effective marketing strategies to stand out. This comprehensive guide will […]

Kitchen Remodeling Marketing: 8 Effective Ways to Get More Clients

Kitchen remodeling marketing — this is an answer to your question on how to generate leads for a kitchen remodel company, whether you’re a cabinet manufacturer or a kitchen and bath retailer. As a business owner, you need more exclusive kitchen remodeling leads and we’re here to help you acquire them. Rest assured, by kitchen […]

Major Cabinets Catalog Update

Who gets it: Cabinet Dealers Effective Date: July 24, 2023 Key Points: We have updated the Major Cabinets catalog styles with new prices: Classic Cherry, Classic Cherry Glass Doors, Classic Cherry Finish Vanity, Classic Cherry Finish Medicine Cabinet, Ebony Shaker, Ebony Shaker Glass Doors, Ebony Shaker Finish Vanity (33″H), Gray Shaker, Gray Shaker Finish Vanity […]

Dashboard Widget Improvements with New Statuses

Who Gets It: Manufacturers and Dealers What is it: Ability to configure tiles that are displayed in Dashboard How it works: Manufacturers can now define dashboard titles under Settings > Dashboard by selecting one of the available sources: Templates, Proposals, and Orders. When orders are selected as a source, one or more order statuses can […]