Retailers Can Now Manage Proposal Expenses and Analyze Profit

There is a new tab called a new tab ‘Expenses’ that you can see while in the 4th step of creating a proposal. Here you can add or remove expenses, analyze your profit for the current proposal, both with and without the additional expenses.

Promotions Improvements for Cabinet Retailers

Customers are now able to upload their kitchen pictures easily both from mobile and desktop, by simply clicking the picture upload link. The ability to configure and set the date the promotion email is sent after installation date gives retailers peace of mind and assurance that no step in the process is skipped but rather done at the right moment.

Ordering Process Updates for Manufacturers

Manufacturers need a clear and simple view of their inventory. To simplify and speed up their processes, we added improved functionalities. Now they will be warned if order items cannot be deducted from the inventory and whenever an item is not in stock. Now they can also see the number of order items in the order edit page.

New Feature for Retailers: Creating, Managing, and Sending Contracts

Retailers need the convenience of the ability to send contracts to their customers as a link via email. These contracts include a customer review policy, all parts, and pricing on a mobile-optimized new screen, with an option for their customers to simply click and accept the contract.

Manufacturers Can Now Download Dealers in a CSV Format

To accelerate manufacturer users’ processes, save their time, and boost productivity, seemingly small improvements can create a big change on a day to day basis. Manufacturer users of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app find it very convenient to be able to download all of their dealers at once in a CSV format. Now they can do this within the dealers’ index page.