Kitchen Cabinet Cost Estimator: What are the benefits?

Kitchen cabinet cost estimator is the right tool to use when you’re looking to easily and quickly estimate the cost of a new kitchen. Whether you are just starting to work on a new kitchen design for your customer or you need to compare prices of different kitchen designs because your customer is shopping around […]

New Ability for Manufacturers to Filter Orders by Open Balance

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: New ability for manufacturers to filter dealer orders by open balance. How it works: To filter orders by open balance, please select the Open balance checkbox in the order filters, and click Filter. Why it matters: New feature from KitchenDEV for cabinet manufacturers helps them to keep track […]

Logs for Critical Changes Now Available for Manufacturers

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: This is a new page available at Settings > Audit logs, where all important changes such as Dealer multiplier change, Order status change, and RMA actions will be logged. How it works: Whenever a user changes Dealer multiplier, Order status, and RMA, a complete log of that action […]

Easier Proposal Editing Process for Retailer Users

Retailer users are now prompted on next smart actions when they edit a proposal for their customers. We added Draft status warning popup with Design/Measurement scheduled dates and a popup asking the user to order Design done/Proposal accepted proposals.

Cabinets Manufacturers Can Now Download and Email Expenses

Manufacturers using Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software can now download or email the expenses and provide a useful and valid record of the expense for accounting purposes. This upgrade also helps to provide manufacturers with additional context about the charges.

Coming Soon: New Version (V4) of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App

With the new update (V4), we are further improving and modernizing the UX and design of the app.

Quickly find what you’re looking for. With all the new functionality and improved app design that we’re adding, we want to make sure you’re able to quickly find the feature you’re looking for.

Announcing Order and Inventory Management Mobile Application for Cabinet Manufacturers

With KitchenDEV Inventory Management Mobile app, you will be able to access your cabinet order and inventory information from any smartphone, Android and IOS. The application is cloud-based, which means that it connects to our cloud-based system. As a result, you can access and manage your cabinet inventory information at any time, from any place with internet connection.