2020 Design to Zoho Books Export

Is your kitchen business growing but you’re having difficulties with scaling and finding the right tools to automate and integrate your processes and workflows?

To keep up with the growing trend, you need to find an agile system that can support your growth and the complexities it carries. We understand this because we’re specialized in the kitchen industry and we work with both kitchen cabinet dealers and kitchen cabinet manufacturers for a decade. Because of the work we do, we understand the particular issues you’re having with syncing your designs, inventory, customers, and orders between different software tools you use for different areas of work. 

To help you with this, we’ve found a way to help you seamlessly import your 2020 kitchen designs into the Zoho Books ERP accounting system you’re currently using. This is one of the custom features that proved very popular among our users. 

KitchenDEV recognizes the value of other software tools and integrates with them. In the same way, we allow you to integrate Zoho Books online accounting software with 2020 Design to bring added functionality to your kitchen business.

KitchenDEV 2020 Design to Zoho Books integration lets you seamlessly export your kitchen design from the 2020 Design to the Zoho accounting system for an easy accounting and invoicing process.

Now you can handle everything accounting related without the need to transfer all the items from the 2020 design to the Zoho Books accounting application manually. Our unique solution eases this process by automating it while it lets you do more meaningful work.

What is 2020 Design?

2020 design

2020 Interior Design is software that provides an end-to-end, easy-to-use solution for designers, manufacturers, contractors, and dealers. Kitchen professionals use this design software solution for kitchen space planning, designing, specifying, and visualizing when they manage their projects. 2020 Interior Design Software is perfect for professional kitchen designers who want to quickly try multiple designs and automatically generate perspective views right from the plan.

What is Zoho?

Zoho logo

Zoho Books is one of the best business accounting software solutions that covers end-to-end accounting processes, enables easy and simple collaboration, receivables, payables, inventory, banking, time tracking, contacts, reports, sales orders, projects, bills, automation, vendor portal, expenses, estimates, and more. It also includes Zoho Books mobile app that allows you to manage your finances on the go. Usability, security, extensibility, and reliability are the main benefits of the Zoho accounting system that include and cover many individual features. Since Zoho Books got introduced to business people in 2011, it has become one of the top players in the accounting market and is one of the preferred accounting cloud solutions.

What is KitchenDEV and what is the add-on?

KitchenDEV logo

KitchenDEV is your preferred Configure – Price – Quote (CPQ) Dealer Portal & Order Automation that helps you manage end-to-end flow, from pricing cabinets to orders and returns. Premium sales automation software, a flexible and component-based B2B solution, is tailored to the kitchen industry and can integrate with your existing inventory, accounting, and other systems.

To help you do your best work, KitchenDEV partners with other trusted and valuable apps, making sure that all of the integrations work to your benefit. We determine what functionality cabinet dealers are looking for to see which apps we want to connect with to deliver valuable integrations.

This is why we have decided to partner up with Zoho Books and offer the perfect solution to one of your biggest business challenges. Our custom-made, automated KitchenDEV CPQ ERP system allows you to import your 2020 kitchen designs to Zoho in a blink of an eye instead of manually entering parts. We know that when you design kitchens in 2020 Design software, to get pricing, you have to manually transfer all the parts and codes to your accounting application – Zoho Books. We understand your struggle and that is why we have provided an ideal, highly functional, and cost-effective solution. KitchenDEV is a bridge application that connects 2020 Design and Zoho Books, allowing them to exchange data, and making your process faster and error-free.

Why do I Need to Use Zoho Books?

Zoho covers all the accounting needs for small and middle-size to large, big box kitchen businesses. It is simple enough to use while providing its users with top-of-the-line benefits, like a client portal, auto scan that allows you to extract information from uploaded documents and create new transactions automatically, and transaction approval that implements quality control in the sales process where you can verify or edit a transaction before approving it to prevent errors. Among other great features, this is also why you need to use Zoho Books.

However, when using Zoho, all of the accounting work you need to take care of is inside this accounting application. And although Zoho online accounting software is as easy to use and as user-friendly as it gets, this means that if you use another application for kitchen design, for example, like 2020 Design, you need to copy and enter all of the parts and codes manually into Zoho to be able to process invoices, quotes, and payments.

This is where the KitchenDEV bridge application steps in.

Is there an easier way to expedite this process and export 2020 Design directly and automatically to Zoho?

KitchenDEV offers a seamless 2020 Design to Zoho integration process with a dedicated support team ready to assist you when you need to quote and price your kitchen designs. Importing kitchen designs from 2020, matching them to the Zoho item codes and SKUs, and creating estimates directly in Zoho is a capability that speeds up the process incredibly for kitchen professionals.

With KitchenDEV, creating a functional bridge between 2020 Design software and Zoho online accounting software, you can take advantage of the most intuitive application designed for kitchen cabinet dealers.

Does 2020 Design Software Export to Zoho Books?

No, unfortunately, 2020 Design does not export to Zoho. This is why kitchen cabinet professionals need an effective solution to easily get their kitchen design and export the parts into the Zoho accounting application to process their invoices and payments. 

2020 Design to Zoho Books Export

Export your 2020 kitchen design to the Zoho accounting application – read all the parts in 2020 Design and import them into Zoho for billing and payments purposes.

2020 Design to Zoho Books 2022 Guide

  • First export 2020 Kitchen Design into a text file.

Click on the Presentations tab on the top menu, then click on Reports, select Order Form, and click OK.

Export 2020 design step 1
Export 2020 design step 1

Click on the View button in the bottom right corner, without changing any options.

Export 2020 design step 2
Export 2020 design step 2

Click on Export at the top, select Text format and click Export.

Export 2020 design step 3
Export 2020 design step 3
  • Go to the bridge application and upload the 2020 Design file
  • Add missing data
  • Review mappings
  • Complete export

2020 Design to Zoho Books Export Pricing

Please contact us to get a quote.

As each individual implementation of the 2020 Design for Zoho integration has unique requirements, we give you a personalized, custom quote after gathering the needed information from you.

2020 Design to Zoho Integration Software Download 2022

In order to download Zoho integration software, please contact us so we can get your requirements and specifications, and custom tailor the software for you. You will get a complete 2020 Design to Zoho integration guide so you can do the best work without interruptions. 

Please note that, when it comes to integrations, KitchenDEV always maintains the highest security standards. And when it comes to privacy, rest assured that your data will never be shared with any partner apps.

In order to download this software, please contact us so we can get your requirements and custom tailor the software for you.

Contact us to learn more about the 2020 Design to Zoho Books Integration.

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Do you need a complete solution?

KitchenDEV provides kitchen cabinet businesses with a dealer portal and order automation.

As a cabinet dealer, with our application, you can create proposals and have your team review and work on the proposal together. You can also automatically convert designs into different styles or create versions for different scenarios simultaneously.

Quick pricing, estimates, and proposals, advanced proposal features such as style and vendor price comparisons, layout variations for advanced customer requirements, the ability to duplicate proposals, and multiple filters, and views to give managers and designers a clear picture of the sales pipeline, are just some of the benefits we offer you.

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