2020 Design Import Update: Combine Same-Code Items Into One

Who Gets It: Manufacturers & Retailers What Is It: This is a new ability to select 2020 design items with the same code and combine them into one item that carries a higher quantity. Additionally, these items will be added to the proposal in the following order: Base, Wall, Accessories. How It Works: After importing […]

TSG Cabinetry Catalog Updated with Increased Prices

What Is It: Forevermark TSG Cabinetry released an updated version of their catalog with increased prices by 12 percent. Effective Date: February 11, 2022 Who Gets It: Cabinet Retailers Key Points: We imported the TSG Cabinetry updated catalog to the KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app. When you use TSG Cabinetry Catalog with KitchenDEV, you’ll […]