How to Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

As a cabinet manufacturer, sometimes you need to use custom modifications to add an accessory that should be taxable. This is now easily doable with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.  Here’s how to mark custom modifications as taxable. When you go to the custom modification dialog, you’ll see a checkbox “Taxable”. Check ”Add custom modification”. […]

How to Edit Orders After You’ve Sent Them to Manufacturer

Start using one of the latest solutions Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app has to offer. It is an option to edit an order after it was already sent to a manufacturer. Although this is not something that happens on an everyday basis, when it does happen, this ability of the app proves very helpful. Sometimes, […]

Manufacturers Can Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable after an update

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We added an update to the custom modification dialog which includes a checkbox “Taxable”. How it works: When the “Taxable” option is checked, custom modification’s price will be used in a tax calculation together with other taxable items. Why it matters: With this update, our manufacturer users can […]

Premium Retailer Users Can Change Orders After Sending to Manufacturer

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: This is a new ability for our premium retailer users to change the order after it was sent to the manufacturer. How it works: Button “Edit order” is added to the order items section: Clicking on it will initiate an order change and bring the user to the […]