How to Use Assembly Reports

Cabinet Manufacturers can use KitchenDEV Assembly Report that will show them how many cabinets were assembled in a certain time period in the past. To get a precise insight into the quantity of assembled cabinets in the previous period, choose the Assembly page under Reports. Except for the number of assembled items, you’ll see the […]

TSG Forevermark Catalog Updated with New Cabinet and Assembly Prices

Who gets it: Cabinet Retailers What is it: Forevermark cabinetry released an updated TSG cabinets catalog effective from June 1st, 2021, implementing a retail price increase and raising the shipping rate.  Effective Date: 6/1/2021Version Name: TSG Price List 6.2021Key Points:1. Due to the global landscape, prices are increased approximately 10% starting June 1, 2021.2. Effective […]

Manufacturers Can Now Monitor All Changes on Purchase Orders

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers What is it: New logs for monitoring changes in Purchase Orders are added to the Audit Logs. Actions that will be logged are changing the order status as well as changing the received and imported quantities of each item. How it works: Whenever a user changes purchase order status or […]

User Files are Now Moved to DigitalOcean Storage for Improved Security

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers and Cabinet Retailers What is it: Whenever you upload files, we won’t keep them in the server where the app is deployed. Instead, the files you upload to KitchenDEV will be moved to the secure file storage under DigitalOcean. How it works: KitchenDEV specialists take care of this for you. […]

Order Navigation Improvements for Cabinet Manufacturers

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers What is it: Quick access links are added at the top of the Order page that will point the user to the corresponding section on the page without having to scroll down. How it works: By clicking on any of these links, the page will scroll down to the corresponding […]

Assembly Report Now Available to Manufacturers

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers What is it: This is an Assembly Report that shows manufacturers how many cabinets were assembled in a certain period of time. How it works: The Assembly Report is available from the Reports > Assembly page. The report can be filtered by a timeframe, which means that you can enter […]