How to Map Parts from Different Vendors and Cross Map Proposals to Compare Prices

Learn how to map proposals to another manufacturer for the purpose of comparing prices amongst different manufacturers and providing your customer with a cheaper option. Choose Price Compare option While you’re in the step of adding the items, click on the version actions button to open a dropdown menu with a newly added “Price compare” […]

How to Keep Track of Multiple Catalog Versions and History

Cabinet retailers who use Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App now have an efficient and easy way to keep track of all catalog changes, versions, and history. When cabinet vendors will, from time to time, import new cabinetry line additions, change prices, and add any other important updates. When they upload new files like price spec […]

How to Keep Track of Catalog Changes and Keep Your Dealers Up to Date

Learn how to keep track of all catalog changes by uploading files and providing a description for new catalog versions, describing what has changed. This is done within a new page under the Catalog section. Access the new menu item Catalog > Files & History. You can manage your catalog versions here. To log any […]

The Latest Version 1.2 of the Mobile App Released to the App Store

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers What is it: The new warehouse mobile app version 1.2 is now deployed to the App Store and users can download it and use it as long as they are using our software. We moved the side menu to the bottom of the screen as tabs for easier navigation. How […]