2020 Kitchen Design Automated Export to Netsuite

Save time and avoid errors!

Import kitchens made in 2020 Design into Netsuite as a sales order quickly and without errors

2020 Kitchen Design Automated Export to Netsuite
review and upload to Netsuite
netsuite system
selecting style and design file

2020 to Netsuite

Do you want a hassle-free solution to import your 2020 designs into Netsuite? Our automated system saves time, reduces labor, and eliminates errors. You no longer have to manually enter parts as our custom-made system seamlessly imports your designs to Netsuite in no time.


Learn how to export 2020 design into Netsuite as a sales order with our solution

CNC Cabinetry Catalog SKU Names Changes

Provide Catalog

Provide us your SKU list and Netsuite Internal IDs in an excel file and we will build a database for mappings

Export 2020 design step 3

Export 2020 Design

Export the kitchen design you made as a text file

review and upload to Netsuite

Import and Map

Import the design file into our software and train our software for SKUs that did not map

Netsuite Sales Order from 2020 Design

Export as Netsuite Sales Order

Send the design to Netsuite as a Sales Order automatically

Client Testimonials

“With KitchenDEV's 2020 Design to Netsuite Bridge application we save errors up to 98% and speed up the order entry.”
T Li
“I like the fact that KitchenDev has a quick process for quoting kitchens. Earlier we were creating a 2020 design and then to price it out, we were entering the individual cabinets into Netsuite which was taking a lot of time”
D James
“I love the fact that I can drop in the 2020 file and KitchenDEV reads the cabinets for an ‘instant’ quote. Definitely a must have tool”
V Sobos

Automate your workflow

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